The Madisonville Cemetery

A place of honor and respect
The Madisonville Cemetery, located in Madisonville, Texas, is the final resting place for many of our family and friends that helped to make this community what it is today. Located just a few blocks west of the Courthouse Square, the Madisonville Cemetery provides a place to honor and remember all of our beloved friends and family members that have passed before us.

Non-Profit Organization

Soley funded through your generous donations
The Madisonville Cemetery is governed by the Madisonville Cemetery Association, a non-profit, 501 C(13) organization, authorized by the State of Texas. We encourage all interested community and family members to take part in the restoration and maintenance of this quiet place of respect and renerance.

****** Important Announcement ********

2022 Clean-up Day
Friends of the Cemetery, The Madisonville Cemetery Association has a cleanup day scheduled for Saturday, May 14. The Board and any interested volunteers are asked to meet at 8:00AM, near the Information Center. We will spend a few minutes splitting up into teams and we will go over the restrictions that have approved by the Association membership. The main purpose for the cleanup day is to pick up any trash, limbs, old flower arrangements and any items that are in violation of the Association's restrictions. The main reason for these restrictions is's a matter of safety. Our growing season is in full swing and we have already mowed the cemetery three times this year. Items such as glass vases and bottles could easily shatter and pose serious safety issues for the mowers and string trimmers. Multiple floral arrangements on a grave make it almost impossible to mow or weedeat. The results are unsightly and the unmowed areas are a haven for snakes and fire ants. Even though our restrictions are very clear, there are still several instances where patrons choose to ignore them. We don't enjoy enforcing these restrictions but they have been voted on and approved by the Association's general membership, over the years at our Annual meetings. I hope everyone realizes that we are not doing this to be hurtful. Rules are rules and it's not fair for a majority of our patrons to follow them, while a small number of people don't respect them. We have put an emormous amount of effort into improving the Cemetery and we ask for your cooperation and understanding as we go forward. If you have a cemetery plot that contains items that are against our cemetery restrictions, I urge you to remove them before Saturday morning or during Saturday's cleanup day. Our decorating restrictions are posted in the information Center and can be viewed on our website, in both English and Spanish, at : Our next Board meeting is scheduled for 6:00 PM on Monday, May 16, 2022, at the Kimbro Center. The public is always invited.
Thank You,
Clark Osborne
President, Madisonville Cemetery Association Inc.
A copy of the restrictions can be accessed by clicking HERE